Ky Monèt

Ky Monèt Southern California Model

Model Mayhem Portrait OTD

I got started modeling with Richard at FanTCimage in May 2017. I have lots shoots under my belt so far between him and other photographers and have loved every minuet of it. I have meet several other models with FanTCimage like Melanin, Keke Phan and others and they have been great!. I just wanted to say thanks to all the amazing models I have meet and worked with so far. It has truly been a terrific experience.

UPDATE 09-29-17: I have been winning some awards with Richard and Maharet and this has been very DOPE! Love everything that is happaning in my life right now!

Fashion to Nudes

I love it all so far! I have tested in Fashion, “still learning my s-poses LOL!) , Lingerie, Casual and nudes including and oil and water nude shoot that was very sexy! I’m eager to learn more as fast as I can and hope to start booking gigs right away. I will answer all booking request fast and I will show up early for our shoot! I’m down for just about anything as long as it is tasteful and I’m also interested in acting!

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I’m 19 and 5’4 134lbs.
I don’t know my chest size.
But my waist is a 28.
I don’t know my hips.
I’m not sure what my dress size is.
That dress that I wore said medium. I know most dresses go by numbers I don’t know what number I am OMG I know right!
I’m a 8 in women’s shoes.
I think I’m a 34 B.
That was the last bra size I remember buying back when I wore bras LOL! Yea I’m a Tomboy!

I’ll update this part (above) as soon as I can get more info…